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Give your eyes definition, length and volume that mascara simply cannot achieve! Eyelash extensions are currently the hottest trend in the beauty world – they are the perfect solution to achieving fabulous eyes, without the mascara and the hassle! They not only emphasize the eyes but also ‘open’ up the eyes and make them appear bigger. If applied perfectly, eyelash extensions look just like natural lashes, we have many clients whose boyfriends/husbands do not know their partners are wearing lash extensions!

The lashes we use are lightweight and unbelievably soft; they look and feel like your own.

The adhesive used is formulated to create a permanent polypeptide bond, specifically for human lashes. It dries soft, remains flexible and bouncy causing absolutely no damage to your natural lashes. Each eyelash extension is applied directly to each individual lash, one lash at a time via a state of the art technique. There is no pain, no irritation, and the lashes will stay on even in water.

The latest beauty accessory and the celebrities preferred eyelash extensions! These are currently the most light and natural looking eyelashes available! Authentic Mink Lashes are available at only a small number of salons in the UK, due to the level of experience required in applying these delicate and soft lashes.

They are glamorous, extremely soft and velvety. Feeling weightless and giving a flawless and luxurious effect. These are a must-try in a lifetime

*Mink Lashes are harvested by gently brushing the fur – it is completely cruelty free, and lashes are sterilized and hypo-allergenic. No added chemicals or dying involved.

Clients receive a free consultation, before treatment begins. At Kelly Hanys Lash & Beauty boutique we understand that every client is different, therefore each set of eyelash extensions we do, are tailored to the individual. We understand that ‘one look does not fit all’. This ensures our clients leave with the lashes they desire.

Natural / Half Set 1 Hr
(approx. 50% of lashes)
Synthetic £45 / Authentic Mink £55

FULL SET – 1 hour 45 mins
(75% of lashes)
Synthetic Lashes £75 / Authentic Mink £90

DELUXE FULL SET* – 2 Hours 30 mins
(100% of lashes)
Synthetic Lashes £100 / Authentic Mink £120

EYELASH INFILLS – 1 hour 30 mins
To keep lashes tip top and full
Synthetic Lashes £65 / Authentic Mink £75

Synthetic Lashes £20 / Authentic Mink £25

*To clarify: Our Deluxe Full Set means an eyelash extensions on EVERY single one of your natural lashes… not many technicians can achieve such an application.